Fredrik Flornes Ellertsen
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Welcome to my slice of the Internet, on which I present my projects. Feel free to browse around!

My latest procrastination focus has been designing a system which is installed in the lid of a standard snus box and helps me gradually cut down on my snus consumption!

Posted May 19 2016 | updated May 20 2016

This system uses electrooculography (EOG) to detect REM sleep and will soon (hopefully) be able to induce a lucid dream state by menas of light stimulus -- Inception style. The system has unfortunately reached its potential, and I am planning a complete redesign to improve reliability, stability and usability.

Posted April 25 2016 | updated December 13 2020

This is a massive project involving nixie tubes, blindingly bright lights and a ton of coding. The project has depressed me of many good night's sleep (how ironic), but now it has really come together!

Posted Mar 9 2016 | updated April 29 2016

Late one night I was frustrated with the horribly addicting game 2048, and started wondering: How hard can it be to write an algorithm that solves this simple, yet amazingly difficult game? It turns out, very.

Posted March 5 2016 | updated April 25 2016